Benefits Of A Bluetooth Tracking Device!

I am sure that you must have lost something valuable at some stage of your life and would have spent a lot of time trying to locate it again. You may have likely spent a lot of time looking for it and secretly wishing there was a way you can track it so that your job was much easier.

Well pretty much all of us have gone through such a situation where we lost a valuable item and were thinking if there was a way to make your life easier. Fortunately for us, Bluetooth has made our life easy by making our hunt for lost items easy.

You can use a Bluetooth tracking device that can be attached to your keys or any such valuable that you do not want to lose and is connected with your phone. Each Bluetooth Tracker has its unique signals when connected to the device so that it cannot be found by someone else, and the location is only known to the owner.

Usability Of A Bluetooth Tracker In Real Life Scenarios:

There are several other benefits of a Bluetooth tracker which are mentioned below.

1) Low Energy Costs:

One of the main issues for users is that the Bluetooth trackers are continuously connected with their phones which may potentially drain the battery. However, you do not need to worry about that so much since it is efficient when consuming energy, and you would not even tell the difference in most cases about the consumption of your battery life.

Another benefit of the tracker is that it will be beneficial for you by pinpointing the exact position where it was last connected with the device. This way, even if you are not in the proximity of the valuable item, you can still go there and retrieve your belonging from there.

Although it does not work like a GPS so there is still a chance that if someone has picked up your stuff, you will likely not be in range to check the current location, it still is pretty useful for you to keep a check on your belongings.

2) Easy Reminder:

This is one of the greatest benefits of having a Bluetooth tracker as if you are carrying something important with you, and you have the option of setting the alarm so that it will remind you about the location or remind you about the item.

This is a huge benefit for you since it will significantly reduce the risk of you losing an item that you will be worried about later but can stick to your normal routine.  Although you will be provided with an extra level of security by using the tracker, you need to remember that it may still not be enough to keep your valuable item safe.

The Bluetooth tracker can be easily removed from your item which will not render it useless so you should still practise caution with your device while using the tracker since after it goes out of your range, you will no longer be able to track it.

3) A Highly Competitive Market:

The good thing about using the Bluetooth tracker is that there is a great scope for the technology to grow, which means that there will be continuous innovations in it to get the technology updated. The market for it is highly competitive, and this will lead to the issues with the current technology to be dealt with adequately so that the next versions of it will be available in the market to be better than its predecessor.

Many small glitches that are present now are being dealt with currently, and you will likely not face such issues when you upgrade your tracker. However, before you purchase a tracker, you need to check the model and see whether it has the option of replaceable batteries available since the average life of such batteries is usually one year.

If you cannot replace the batteries in time, you may simply have to buy a new one which will lead to you face additional costs.

4) Geofencing Capabilities:

Although you may have seemed to think that the benefit of Bluetooth tracking is limited as long as you are in the range, it also comes with several other features as well. One of those features that Bluetooth tracker offers is the function of geofencing which is available in some of its models.

Geofencing is a virtual boundary around any valuable item that you wish to guard and is created using radiofrequency. This will work by sending an alert on your phone when you get too far from your values so that you can go back and pick it up again all of which will happen when you are in the range.

Although many companies are using this function by giving different names such as proximity alerts the essential function remains the same since you will get an alert when you forget your valuables at someplace.

5) Performs Other Functions Too:

Although the majority of Bluetooth trackers only offer one feature which is basically to locate your lost valuable through your cell phone, there are some models as well which can perform other functions such as reverse location process.

If you find yourself into a situation where you cannot find your phone but have your keys, you can easily find your phone if it is in the range by using the reverse location process and make your phone ring. You can simply press the button, and after your phone starts ringing, you can simply follow the sound and go and collect your phone.

This process is a real lifesaver since not only does it allow you to find your lost item but using the reverse process you can also find your phone by using that value and using the Bluetooth connection to your advantage.

6) Supports Crowdsourced Location:

Another feature that it performs is that it offers the Crowdsource feature, which is beneficial for you if you live in a crowded city like London. The feature operates when if you lose your tagged items such as your keys or any other valuable, you can use the companion software on your phone to label the Bluetooth item as lost.

If someone else who uses the same Bluetooth tracker comes into the range of your item and picks up the signal from your item, you will get a status updated about the new location of your lost item which would be based on the new location of the tracker.

Although this is a great feature for you to locate your lost object but the chance of you being successful with it are minimum since the chances of another person using the same tracker as you and staying long enough within the range of the item long enough for you to receive the signal are nearly zero unless you live in a crowded city where the probability will rise of you being successful in locating your item.

7) Safe Zones:

Although you may have set the alarm to ring when you get far from your possessions but do not want it to ring when you are at home or work for obvious reasons since the alarm ringing constantly would irritate both you and anyone who is in the vicinity so you have the option of selecting safe zones using the WIFI facility where your alarm would not ring but would function normally when you are out of such zones, and you lose out on your possessions. Some models also have the report-as-lost feature which will make your device beep until you locate it and can shut down the alarm so that the beep sound will stop functioning.

8) Car Finder:

Another common issue which people face, particularly in public areas is when they cannot remember the exact location where they parked their car. Fortunately, you no longer have to worry about it since some models provide this feature where you can turn on the feature, and it will note down your current GPS location.

Later on, when you are in the vicinity, you can simply use the app which will guide you to the exact location of your car and save you from a lot of hassle of figuring out where your car was exactly parked.

This feature comes in handy many times especially if you are attending any public event and need to find your vehicle and get away quickly so that you could avoid the huge traffic outflow and escape getting stuck in a traffic jam.

9) Advertised Range:

Although there is no limitation built in the device and the range depends upon the quality of the Bluetooth signals. Although many devices possess the range of up to 200 feet, the reality can be different depending upon the quality of the transmitter and the environmental conditions.

You should know that the signals you will receive will generally be lower than what was advertised so if the manufacturer mentioned about getting a range of 100 feet, you should consider getting about 70 feet instead.


Bluetooth trackers have a lot of potentials to grow soon so you can expect to get several other features that will further improve the technology. You should have realized by now that it is different than a GPS transmitter, so it will only help you to track down your lost items but by no means will ensure the safety of said items if it goes out of range which will render the tracker useless.

There are several models available that will help you to deal with different situations, so you consider all of that before you go out to buy your tracker.

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